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So you’ve decided you want to learn how to fly fish, or at least look into taking it up – this will be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made. Fly Fishing is, without doubt, one of the most rewarding sports I’ve been involved in. It’s not just about catching fish, in fact far from it. Fly fishing has taken me to some of the most beautiful places in the world, just me, my rod and nature. It will take you to places that very few people in the world will ever get to experience and it will only cost you the gas for your car to get there!

Please find some videos below from some great Fly Fisherman-All from YouTube

Fly Fishing Lesson1

Fly Fishing Lesson2

Fly Fishing Lesson3

Fly Fishing Lessons4

Fly Fishing Lesson5-Hauls

Fly Fishing -Casting-Trouble Shooting

One of the most important fly fishing basics is the cast. The cast is probably the most talked about topic among anglers. A cast that is too forceful will cause the line to hit the water hard which startles the fish. Even experienced anglers have a hard time switching from a typical cast to a good fly fishing
cast. What usually happens when you fish with a typical rod and reel is that the bait and hook are heavy and they are what pull the line to the designated target.View the above videos and please read the posts on the right and always be free to leave some comments.
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